Annette Warren
‘High Performance’ Leadership and Team Coach

Unlocking Potential.
Accelerating Performance.

Taking you to a whole new level  

.. in a whole new way.

Working in Internal Communications for over 25 years as a senior leader, freelance consultant, and coach/mentor, I understand how critical communication teams are to business success. But keeping pace with today’s ever evolving communication landscape isn’t easy.

That’s why I partner with forward-thinking senior communication leaders looking to take their individual and team performance to the next level. Reframing thinking and behaviours to implement new and improved ways of working. Providing the leadership and team development support you need to continue delivering ‘game-changing’ communications today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Helping Senior Communication Leaders and Teams achieve greater impact, influence, and strategic reputation at the highest levels.

Empowering you to:

  • Unlock greater self-awareness and understanding – Getting under the skin of what’s holding you back from being truly outstanding 
  • Transform your thinking and behaviour – Providing practical insights and tools to realise your true potential 
  • Accelerate performance improvements – Achieving the commitment and drive needed to deliver breakthrough results, at pace

If you’re looking to achieve real, sustainable performance improvements but not sure where to start – why not get in touch.

I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute ‘Chemistry Call’ to answer any questions or queries you may have. Helping you get to know me and how I work, before taking that all important first step on your development journey.


Path to Potential   

.. powering your performance goals.

‘Path to Potential‘ has been specifically designed to meet your performance needs and goals.  

More effective than training alone, my coaching framework provides a practical, structured approach to your development. Prioritising your learning across 5 key areas of performance. Each one helping you gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become ‘high performing’. Equipping you with the coaching support, tools and techniques needed to quickly transform key insights and learning into sustainable new behaviours and ways of working.

At the heart of my leadership and team coaching programmes, the framework focuses on creating the right environment for ‘high performance’ to succeed and flourish. Empowered with more self-belief and confidence in individual and team skills and behaviours, you’ll finally find your ‘flow’. Realising your true potential and rising to heights you didn’t think possible.  

Tackling previously ‘daunting’ challenges with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose: 

  • Keeping pace with ever changing communication needs and expectations – confident of balancing the operational ‘here and now’ with more focus on building for the future.
  • Navigating organisational complexity and ambiguity – able to build more trusted stakeholder relationships that help to secure earlier input to strategic decision making.
  • Juggling greater demand with fewer resources and budget – negotiating and managing upwards to ensure strategic messaging and campaigns remain aligned and prioritised.
  • Motivating and inspiring teams to thrive and grow – implementing ‘high performance’ as standard. Creating happier, more satisfying places to work that attract and retain key talent
  • Achieving greater strategic impact and influence at the highest levels – building your reputation as a strategic, high performing and value add communications leader or team,

‘I’ve worked with Annette over the past few years, and she’s been an essential partner in helping me develop the team in many ways. Her rare combination of communication expertise alongside amazing coaching credentials has helped all of us enormously.’

Helen Willetts – Director of Internal Communications, BT

Tailored Coaching.
Breakthrough Results.

Here for all your coaching needs

My coaching services are simple, objective and tailored to meet your specific needs. Achieving the results that matter most to you. Delivered at a pace that’s right for you.

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

The ‘Trusted Guide by you side’, holding valuable time and space for you to think more deeply. Providing the kind of confidential support and counsel you can’t find anywhere else. 

Leadership Development Coaching

1-2-1 coaching, empowering you to lead with greater confidence and self-belief. Plus, my transformational leadership coaching programme, designed to fast-track your development and become your true, authentic, and assured ‘Leader Within‘.

Systemic Team Coaching

Taking you beyond team building with DiSC psychometrics. Helping you learn how to ‘Work Better Together’, in a fun and engaging way. Or, empowering you to become a more strategic, cohesive, and aligned communication team or function with my systemic team coaching programme ‘The Power of One’ .


Be the change you want to see   


Impact and Influence

Individual coaching conversations that help overcome self-doubt and develop a positive mindset. Creating the confidence and self-belief to operate with impact at the highest levels.

Strategic Thinking

The ‘Guide at your side’ keeping you focused on the bigger picture. Developing and broadening your strategic thinking. Becoming more pro-active and forward thinking in your approach.  

Resilience and Wellbeing

Creating a safe coaching environment, where greater trust and commitment can thrive. Helping you build positive, supportive work places, where everyone has each other’s back, no matter what.

Communication and Collaboration

Unlocking insights into individual and team dynamics. Improving the quality of communication and collaboration, leading to better working relationships, inside and outside the team.

Creativity and Agility

Facilitating high quality discussions that empower teams to openly share new ideas and fresh thinking in a creative and supportive way. Helping you quickly flex and respond to new demands.

Decision Making

Providing live ‘in the moment’ team coaching, improving your meetings, decision making and conflict resolution, as they happen. Helping you  learn, reflect, and adapt for future success. 

Raising the bar on your performance 

Why clients love working with me

Adding value where it counts for busy communication professionals 


My conversations with Annette flew by. I left each one feeling I’d grown into the me I never knew how to unlock. I came out of our coaching sessions with clarity about who I am and belief in who I really am. Not a version of me that I thought others wanted to see.

Vicky Crouch
Principal, Internal Comms Digital

Annette has a great ability to work with everyone; she was a trusted advisor and coach to the entire Corporate Affairs Team. If you’re looking to make a real step change in your organisation, whatever the reason, I recommend having Annette in your corner.

Nicola Green
Director of Corporate Affairs

Utilising Annette’s skills and experience, coupled with the DiSC modelling has been invaluable. I believe, in a couple of days, we made more progress in defining our communication/engagement strategy, compiling a plan and identifying the key next steps, than we would have done in many months without engaging her coaching support.

Jason Burden
Operations Director
Cooper Vision

In Annette, I found a strategic advisor, coach and ally who helped me think outside the box and look at challenges in a fresh light. Innovative, intelligent, value-adding and highly recommended.

Jim Connor
Director of Group Internal Communications

A strategic brain, years of valuable experience and incredible depth of knowledge (and patience). Annette was integral in the development of both myself and the team, undoubtedly helping push us on to bigger and better things.

Joe McMann
Head of Internal Communication (Interim)

This was my first experience of coaching, and I was incredibly sceptical about it before going in. However, Annette was amazing, encouraging and really great at observing where the true issues lay. The coaching process was easy and rewarding and I would love to do it again, which I think speaks volumes about what I got out of it.

Senior Creative Manager
Internal Communication

Working with Annette has been incredibly beneficial for me both personally and professionally. Through the coaching I’ve learnt a lot about myself – my thoughts and behaviours – and I now have a plan of action to maximise the first 100 days in my new role.

Senior Manager
Strategy and Planning, Internal Communications

What words or phrases would I use to describe Annette? Down to earth, no nonsense, tonnes of common sense, gravitas, wise, witty. Now my coach, Annette’s the first person I call when I need to work through the different challenges in my life. Her depth and breadth of experience is invaluable. I highly recommend her.

Catherine Fallon
Head of Employee Experience

Personally, I’ve found Annette’s counsel can always be relied on during challenging situations. The voice of reason, she’s helped me and my leadership team move forward to deliver a Global strategy and organisational model far quicker than I thought possible.

Global Head of Enterprise