Helping you learn, develop and adapt, at pace.

Why Me?

I’m passionate about unlocking the real potential that exists in all of us. Helping people find the confidence to live their best life is my personal mission.

As a coach and mentor, my priority is creating a safe space for individuals and teams to learn, adapt and evolve together. Supporting you to dig deeper into the thoughts, perceptions and self-limiting beliefs that have the power to stop all of us dead in our tracks. Limiting our performance and stifling our ambitions.

Empowering people to think, be and do in a whole new way is truly a privilege. It’s what shapes and guides me every day. And is the motivation behind setting up my coaching practice – ic-Coach.

What drives me

I want to help develop a new generation of communicators, skilled at navigating the increasingly complex and demanding relationships in today’s business world. Developing the impact, influence and reputation needed to shape strategy at the highest levels. Helping more communication leaders and teams secure their rightful place at the C-Suite ‘decision-making’ table.

Accredited Coach and Trainer

A certified Team Coach, I’m also a qualified trainer in the DiSC psychometric model and the ‘5 Behaviours’ development programme, based on Patrick Lencioni’s ‘The 5 Dysfunctions of Teams’.

What you can expect from me 

 Dedicated to your growth and development, I’ll help you:

  • Step back and take a breath – holding valuable time and space for you to think more deeply about where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow.
  • Gain a clearer sense of your purpose and direction – building the belief, confidence and commitment to move forward and make the right change happen for you.
  • Unlock your full potential – supporting you to learn, adapt and evolve at pace. Providing the tools to help you continue developing, long after our coaching relationship ends. 
  • Go further, faster – accelerating performance improvements far quicker than you thought possible. Wishing you’d gone on this journey years ago.
  • Have some fun along the way – I believe in making learning a pleasure not a chore!

It’s why clients choose to work with me, time and time again.