Vicky Crouch

My conversations with Annette flew by. I left each one feeling I’d grown into the me I never knew how to unlock. I came out of our coaching sessions with clarity about who I am and belief in who I really am. Not a version of me that I thought others wanted to...

Nicola Green

Annette has a great ability to work with everyone; she was a trusted advisor and coach to the entire Corporate Affairs Team. If you’re looking to make a real step change in your organisation, whatever the reason, I recommend having Annette in your corner.

Jason Burden

Utilising Annette’s skills and experience, coupled with the DiSC modelling has been invaluable. I believe, in a couple of days, we made more progress in defining our communication/engagement strategy, compiling a plan and identifying the key next steps, than we would...

Jim Connor

In Annette, I found a strategic advisor, coach and ally who helped me think outside the box and look at challenges in a fresh light. Innovative, intelligent, value-adding and highly recommended.

Joe McMann

A strategic brain, years of valuable experience and incredible depth of knowledge (and patience). Annette was integral in the development of both myself and the team, undoubtedly helping push us on to bigger and better things.