Leadership Coaching

“Be the leader you wish you had.”

Simon Sinek

Why Leadership Coaching?

The communication landscape is changing rapidly. Keeping pace with the skills and capabilities needed to operate ‘stress free’ everyday are becoming more diverse and challenging. It’s no longer just about mastering the key technical communication and delivery skills. Many of my clients now recognise that developing stronger, more effective leadership and behavioural skills are key to continued success and career progression.

But learning these skills and being able to confidently ‘live and breathe’ them every day is a different matter.

That’s why I work with forward thinking communication leaders looking to learn, develop and build their confidence and expertise. Skilled at navigating complex, matrixed organisations, with the ability to influence, negotiate and shape strategic thinking at the highest levels. All while continuing to lead, inspire and motivate hybrid, remote working teams to reach even greater heights. Helping you to be more resilient and manage your individual and collective well-being, no matter what challenges come along to knock you off course.

1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

Whether you have one or several leadership skills you want to target, 1-2-1 coaching sessions provide the time and space for you to think more deeply about where you are today and where you want to be.

Using practical coaching methods and tools, we’ll work to raise your self-awareness. Identifying the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that might be holding you back from realising your full leadership potential. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ training, our coaching is focused entirely on you, and meeting your specific development needs. Identifying and developing the blend of solutions and behavioural shifts unique to your situation. Enabling you to lead with greater clarity, confidence, and commitment.

A conversation like no other, you’ll be empowered to achieve new levels of expertise and performance. Unlocking your potential to become a more innovative, adaptable, resilient, and genuinely inspiring leader, far quicker than you thought possible. Making you wish you’d gone on this journey years ago.

The Leader Within

An in-depth coaching programme, ‘Leader Within’ is a unique opportunity for senior communication leaders to fast-track their development.

Designed from practical hands-on experience of working in large communication functions across complex organisations, the programme focuses on helping you move from working ‘in the business’ to working more strategically ‘on the business’. Helping align your learning and development with the broader needs and goals of your organisation. Enabling you to gain a more systemic understanding and appreciation of what it takes to become a more impactful and influential communications’ leader, at the highest level.

Working together in a safe, trusted, and confidential coaching environment, we’ll follow my proven ‘Path to Potential’ coaching framework. Helping you ‘deep dive’ into 5 key performance areas, each critical to your leadership journey. Each one helping you gain greater self-awareness and appreciation of your current leadership style and approach. Challenging your thinking and behaviours you’ll discover the clarity, confidence, and commitment needed to take you performance to the next level. Enabling you to be your true ‘Leader Within’ – unlocking your full potential and becoming the authentic, self-assured, confident, and ‘high performing’ strategic leader you aspire to be.

This coaching programme is suitable for:


  • Newly hired or recently promoted managers: looking to hit the ground running and confidently navigate that daunting, initial learning curve. Developing a solid grounding in key leadership skills and behaviours, at pace
  • Existing Leaders: looking to be the best leader they can for their teams. Wanting to better support, inspire and motivate people to achieve new levels of performance 
  • Experienced leaders: who are facing new and stretching, strategic challenges and goals. Looking to achieve greater impact and influence with key stakeholders, at the highest level
  •  Aspirational leaders: committed to investing in themselves and their careers. Eager to develop into a more authentic and ‘high-performing’ leader

“Working with Annette has been incredibly beneficial for me, both personally and professionally.

Through our coaching I’ve learned a lot about myself – my thoughts and behaviours – and I now have a plan of action to maximise the first 100 days in my new leadership role.”