Team Coaching

“The single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork”

Patrick Lencioni

Why Team Coaching?

Teams drive organisations. When they have clear purpose and direction, strong alignment, and commitment – along with healthy trusting relationships – they’re unbeatable. But getting there isn’t an easy process. 

Team coaching helps you learn, adapt, and develop together, ‘in the moment’. Bringing learning to life in the workplace as you go about your daily activities. Helping you connect what’s disconnected.

By understanding the value each member brings to the team, you’ll not only work more effectively together, but also support each other to play to one another’s strengths. Understanding not only how to maximise your collective skills and capabilities but actively prioritising working together to achieve your common goal or purpose. Creating a trusted and supportive team that has each other’s back no matter how tough things get. Delivering more sustainable, longer-term growth and performance improvements than standard, off the shelf, ‘show and tell’ training can achieve alone.

A deeply empowering and transformational experience, team coaching helps build better relationships, breaks down silo-working and drives improved, more informed communication and decision-making. Creating ‘high-performance’ leadership teams, with the reputation needed to consistently drive and influence strategic decision-making, at the highest levels. 

‘Working Better Together’ – Team Coaching Workshops 

Designed as a springboard to creating a new, more committed, and resilient team dynamic, the ‘Working Better Together’ workshops are a great starting point to launch your team development. Not only will you discover the value each member brings to the team, but also unlock the true ‘collective capability’ that makes you so much stronger than the sum of the parts.

Using ‘DiSC’ psychometric profiles and team exercises, in a fun and collaborative way, you’ll each find the confidence to share insights into your individual work styles and preferences. Enabling the team as a whole, to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of why and how you all work together in the way that you do. Prioritising and agreeing the new behavioural shifts and working practices needed for you to move forward and operate more effectively together.

You’ll leave the session, having found the collective clarity, trust and commitment needed to drive real change, and become the team you dream of being. 

Beyond Team Building

 Team relationships and dynamics play an important part in performance improvement, but that’s only part of the challenge. 


The Power of One .. 

Blending the power of behavioural change coaching, with a practical approach to developing ‘high performance’ capabilities, ‘The Power of One’ is a unique opportunity to shape and build your team for the future.

Developed through working with many communication teams across a broad range of complex organisations, this transformational coaching programme takes a deeper, more systemic view of team development.

Looking both inside and outside the team, we’ll focus on five key performance priorities. Each one critical to developing a more strategic, pro-active, and forward-thinking leadership team. Guided by my ‘Path to Potential’ coaching framework, you’ll work together to unlock ‘The Power of One’ – a trusted, aligned, cohesive and agile team, that thinks and works as one.

Combining on-line and face-to-face coaching sessions with team workshops, facilitated events and ‘in the moment’ coaching, you’ll be guided and supported every step of the way along your development journey.

Empowered with the confidence, knowledge, skills, and practical toolkits needed to establish yourselves as a ‘self-coaching’ team, long after our time together ends. 


These programmes are suitable for –


  • New Communication/Corporate Affairs Teams  

    Looking to develop effective ways of working together from Day 1. 

  • Current Communication/Corporate Affairs Teams 

    Who are working well together already but need a boost to re-energise or re-organise to better support new strategies and goals.

  • Senior Communication Leadership Teams  

    Struggling to improve their team dynamic and break down silo-working. Learning how to build greater trust, support, and accountability for shared goals in a matrixed organisation.

  • Executive/Group Leadership Teams  

    Needing to work more cohesively and aligned, in support of delivering critical, enterprise wide, communication and business strategies and goals. Role modelling high-performance team working and behaviours.

The ic-Team Coaching Journey

From initial assessment through to achieving your performance goals, the ic-Team Coaching Journey supports you every step of the way, helping you measure and track the progress you’re making. Combined with my ‘Path to Potential’ framework, you’ll discover the insights, tools, and confidence needed to make the leap to becoming a truly ‘high-performing’ team – skilled across all 5 key performance priorities.

Path to Potential

5 Performance Priorities for High-Performing Teams


1. Purpose

Clarifying the collective purpose that unites and galvanises you as a team

2. Profile

Understanding your team culture and dynamics. Building a better profile and professional reputation, inside and out.

3. Performance

Embedding the right processes, structures, governance and roles needed to drive better performance

4. Partnership

Using key insights and learning to build your ‘Stakeholder Strategy’. Focused on developing more collaborative, strategic partnerships that actively support you in delivering against your purpose, strategy, and goals.

5. Potential

Developing your unique ‘Team Toolkit’. helping to continue learning, developing and growing as a team, long after our coaching journey ends.

A transformational coaching programme, the ‘Power of One’ takes a minimum of 3 months to complete.

Not sure if coaching is right for your team?

I offer a free, no obligation ‘Chemistry Chat’ to help you decide if I’m the right person for you and your team.